We have been involved with heating systems since 1978. Originally we constructed masonry fireplaces and chimneys. Since the 1980's we have noticed older chimneys needing repair work so we added to our list of services the repairing of chimneys and fireplaces. Which included reconstructing masonry chimneys and fireplaces.

Since 1988 we began addressing the chimney liner deterioration problems and started maintaining chimney flues with an annual inspection and cleaning. At this time we began replacing flue fire damaged and deteriorated liners with stainless steel liners. Also, we began installing various metal liners and metal chimneys for all types of residential heating appliances, such as gas, oil, coal, and wood fired heating appliances At this time we started servicing several hundred chimneys on an annual basis.

Since 1993 we started addressing older historical fireplaces and chimneys. Most of the masonry chimney and fireplace bricks and mortar were deteriorated powdery or missing. Installing stainless steel liners inside these chimneys did not address structurally strengthening these chimneys which was what they desperately needed. The answer to this problem was to install a lining system that would structurally strengthen the chimney fireplace structure. So we began installing Golden Flue’s Cast-In-Place pumped chimney lining system which is able to structurally restrengthen and add stability to the entire masonry chimney and fireplace.

We found Golden Flue’s Cast-In-Place relining system to be one of the most insulated, durable, longest lasting, diversified system currently available. This gave us the ability to repair any residential, commercial or industrial chimney. Golden Flue’s cast masonry mix is designed to vent any type fuel currently being used. Also is UL Listed and has been tested to zero clearance to combustibles with one inch of lining mix by Warnock Hersey.

Since 1994 we added the installing of Factory Metal Built Fireplace units. Also we started redesigning and remodeling masonry fireplaces. We take your existing fireplace and redesign it into an efficient burning high heat output fireplace system. The redesigned fireplace produces a lot more useable heat into your home. We also completely redesign the appearance of your fireplace and reconstruct to your satisfaction.

Since 2000 we added air duct cleaning to our service list using the latest technology and equipment in this field using camera video equipment to view the inside of the air ducts. We currently service over 1,000 chimneys and fireplaces on an annual basis.


Art Klem